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Knee Aid

Knee Aid is very helpful for trekkers while you walk up and down hills.



How to use the knee aid?

The cartilage is no longer in trouble. Even if the cartilage is uncomfortable with the cartilage, you can see the effects immediately.

You can get the exercise of your whole body exercise while walking with this simple thing. Distinguish the holes in the knees of the knee guards by dividing them into the left and right sides.

Make sure that the area below the stand is slightly tightened. The upper part of the protector may be slightly fixed. If you walk your legs up with your arms, no matter how long you walk, your legs wont’s hurt at all.

The use of the arm’s force indicates the effect of the whole-body movement. Wear cotton gloves and make them more useful. After you walk for an hour, you can relax the band and relax.


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