Fabrics: Outer-down proof, water proof, wind proof nylon and lining-silky taffeta.
Insulation: 100% down
Temperature: -10 ºC, -20 ºC, -30 ºC, -40 ºC, -48 ºC
Length: 210 cm


Construction specifications:

  • One nylon compressure sack is included.
  • Cord lock system to open and close in face area with down filled draft collar
  • Two way zip without any snagging to move the runners freely
  • Chambers with baffles
  • Runner (food box) is covered to block the air and not to move itself
  • Down filled chest warmer with cord lock
  • Bonded pockets for watch key.
  • Double down filled draft tube.
  • Length 210cm


-5°C & -10°C are without baffle.